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Pocketbook Maker G2: Making a keepsake that fits in your pocket

Echirolles, FRANCE, 21st September 2010

Designed for unattended retail locations, this rugged version of the new Pocketbook Maker has a special anti-vandalism enclosure which complies with the European disability access requirement and needs just requires 6 square feet (0.55 sqm) of floor space. A versatile automatic self-service kiosk-printer-binder system, it produces 4x6-inch (10x15cm) pocketbooks that can contain up to 70 photos and can be as large as 30 pages. The revolutionary KIS cold bonding process makes durable top quality pocketbooks that are unaffected by high humidity, large temperature swings or pollutants in the air.
Using the touchscreen, and the same easy-to-use design software that continues to thrill thousands of people everyday who use the pocketbook Maker, consumers can make an attractive laminated photo album, complete with the album title printed on the spine, in under five minutes. This pocketbook will perfectly fit into ladies’ handbags so they can share everyday pictures with their friends and relatives.
For additional profit-making opportunities, an additional small format dye sublimation printer is integrated into the Pocketbook Maker G2 to automatically make 4x6”/10x15cm prints and creative products (frames, greeting cards, calendars and more).
A range of payment options (coin and bill acceptor, change giver and credit/debit card) enables a full vending mode operation. For “in-store” operation, customers can also receive a barcoded payment slip when the design is completed and pay at a nearby counter. A wireless barcode scanner then manually releases the pocketbook order for printing.
Limited staff support is needed for the Pocketbook Maker G2, since less than 3 minutes are needed to periodically renew the consumables kit containing, ink, glue and paper. Each glue kit is sufficient for printing 31 18-page pocketbooks and 600 4x6”/10x15cm prints. Remote diagnostics via GPRS allows cost-effective monitoring and control of a group of kiosks from a central location, and provides notification when supplies are running low.

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