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Photo-Me by Starck Photo Booths

As a result of a close partnership between the acclaimed Designer Philippe Starck and Photo-Me International Plc, a new generation of photobooths has been created. Featuring an aesthetically classic exterior design, this new machine offers new and exciting consumer products. This project has been a stimulating challenge that has now revitalised the familiar booth that we are used to seeing in our everyday lives.

A timeless design, pure and elegant lines, classic and plain colours, a translucid seat backlit and available in different colours...Philippe Starck has devoted his enthusiasm and creativity to the new Photo-Me photobooth which breaks with all previous design traditions.

In addition to the aesthetic revolution, many functions have been inspired and developed from modern technologies used in video games and telecommunication devices.

This innovation turns the photo booth into a creative studio. Users will be able to access Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and email accounts to import existing images as well as generate new art and photography. There is also a creative range of options, from pop art photos to fun frames and backdrops including destinations such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, all adding to the customer experience.

The Photo-Me by Starck photobooth produces postcards as well as the standard ID photos. It boasts a tactile control screen, heating and state-of- the-art camera technology that automatically adjusts to users heights, ensuring you get a perfect picture every time.

Re-inventing the Photobooth enhances the customers experience and will create a digital revolution.

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